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When I was putting this workshop together, I struggled with the idea of providing step by step instructional handouts.  First, the time involved to create such an animal would be enormous.  Second, every Web2.0 site has a HELP link where this has already been done and the goal of this workshop is for you to learn to play and figure stuff out on your own.  Third, Web2.0 applications change so frequently, that a step by step guide  would be out of date so quickly that it's not worth the time and effort.  After consulting with other library professionals in my social network who do these types of workshops, I agreed with their advice of NOT putting together step by step guides. 

After 2 workshops were completed, one piece of consistent feedback was the need for step by step guides.  I still believe it is better for you to play and figure this stuff out on your own so that you can teach yourself the ways of Web2.0.  Based on discussions with previous workshop participants, I will share the outline I use to guide the training during these workshops.  Keep in mind that every detailed step or essay is not present in this outline, but it is a reference that you may find helpful to remind yourself of everything that was covered in the workshop.  Also, this is not pretty, it's just a run down of everything we cover in the workshop.  Just click the link below to open the PDF file of the outline.

Web2.0 Hands On Workshop Outline

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