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Blog is short for “web log”.  It is an easy to use online publishing tool that lists content in reverse date order.  Blogs are a great way to engage staff and library users in conversation and they become interactive when comments enabled.  (Thanks for the great definition Helene). 

We are going to create our blog using Blogger from Google.  There are many other weblog applications.

It may be necessary for some to create a Gmail account first.

How to transfer a blog from one account to another - follow these steps if you want to get rid of the gmail address created in the workshop and move the blog to a new account you will create using your main email address. (This is for people who could not access their main email address during the workshop and had to create a gmail account to take the steps needed to create a blog).

To be notified about backlinks, go to Google Blog Search and search for "link:" (without quotes) where "blogname" is replaced with the name of your blog.

Learn more about OpenID

Picasa- when you upload images directly to Blogger, it stores them in Picasa - Googles Photo Sharing site and you have a limit of 1 GB for the free account.  You can use any photo sharing site you like and linking to the URL of that photo through Bloggers image area.

Need up to date Java

Google Video - when you upload video directly to Blogger, it stores them in Google Video where there is no limit on size or length of each video.  You can use any video sharing site you like and paste in the embedded video code from that site into Blogger.

Make all links open in a new window- click for directions on how to make any link you put in your blog open in a new window.  This way you don't have to edit the html code for every link you put in.

Sitemeter- comprehensive real time website tracking and counter tools that give you instant access to vital information and data about your site's audience. Their detailed reporting gives you a clear picture of who is visiting your site, how they found you, where they came from, what interests them and much more.

Google Analytics- helps you learn even more about where your visitors come from and how they interact with your site.

Blogger Backup - free software you can download that allows you to backup all your posts so if you ever lost your blog you could rebuild it without a lot of cutting and pasting from emails and reformatting.

PA Library Blogs - Be sure to add your blog to this wiki.  The goal of this wiki is to collect links of blogs with a library-related focus in the state of Pennslyvania.

The Blogging Libraries Wiki - You should also add your blog to this wiki.  The purpose of this wiki is to collect links to library blogs from anywhere. 

LIS Wiki's Weblogs Page - Another place to add your blog.  This one focuses on blogging librarians.

Watch the video below from CommonCraft .  They do a great job of explaining what blogs are:

Tag page

Wik portal where you can upload your ideas and interests and educational mind set for a free website account please apply here