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Welcome to the Web 2.0 - Hands On Workshop Web Space.  This site will be used for the PA Commonwealth Libraries workshops taking place in August 2008 across the state of Pennsylvania.  These pages will help us as we go through the workshop.  Plus, this will be a resource for you to use after the workshop so that you can find all of the links and information we will cover.  Keep in mind that Web2.0 is not a thing...it is a state of mind.  The goal of this workshop is to change your state of mind from "I can't do this on my own" to "Hey, I can play with this stuff and not hurt anything; I CAN do this!  In fact, I can create a very impressive presence on the Web for my library and myself."

See the presentation used during the "Bloomin' Ideas" workshops done in May and June of 2008 by PA Commonwealth Libraries for an in depth look at what Web2.0 is and how libraries are using it.

Web2.0? Wow! Presentation

See a list of all links mentioned in the presentation at the Delicious site.

Also, see The Cyber Smorgasbord presentation I did on 10/1/08 for the South Central Chapter of the PA Library Association (PALA) and a blog post detailing all of the links.

To learn more about your presenter/trainer, click here.

For an outline of the workshop, click here

We will be using the Firefox browser to do all of our work.  This browser makes it easier to use Web2.0 tools (in the trainer's opinion).  Be sure to go and download this browser after the workshop if you aren't using it already.

A page has been created for each Web2.0 technology we will discuss.  Click the links below to get to each page, or use the Navigation Menu Bar to the left.  Remember, the goal of the workshop is to get you to "play" with just a sampling of all the wonderful technology available to you on the Web.  Once you feel comfortable with these few examples, the possibilities are endless!


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